Terms and conditions of BLUE POT Internet Shop

  • Definitions
  1. Customer-public person ,legal entity or organisation not being legal entity which all regulations confers special  legal rights when places an order on the shop webside.
  2. Client -public person who according to law makes agreement with entrepreneur not directly related with his business or professional activity.
  3. Terms and conditions – regulations of services offered electronically within internet shop web side (Blue Pot).
  4. Internet shop (web side)- internet service by which a customer may mainly place an order.
  5. Items(products)- products presented on shop web side.
  6. Sell agreement -sell between Blue Pot and customer concluded via web side.
  7. An order- declaration aiming directly to sale agreement describing mainly type and amount of products.


2.General resolutions

  1. Terms and conditions state regulations of using internet shop
  2. Internet Shop Blue Pot address 98 JKL Street Edenderry e mail bluepotedenderry@gmail.com
  3. Terms and conditions includes :
  • terms and conditions of placing an order electronically within Internet Shop
  • rules of placing order within Internet shop  by using services provided on shop web side
  1. In order to use Internet Shop customer needs to have access to computer with access to internet.
  2. According to law Blue Pot preserves the right to decline concluding a sale agreement with people who are under 18 years of age. In this situation customers will be notified.
  3. The photographs and descriptions under the items (products)come from Blue Pot or third party e.g. manufacturers(producers). The photographs may slightly differ from the actual products. Taking into consideration handmade character of boleslawiec crafts some slightly differences in details, shapes and paint decorations among products are natural and characteristic for handmade artistic products.
  4. Customers can see terms and conditions always by pressing the appropriate option implemented on the main page of Blue Pot.


3.Rules of using internet shop

  1. Customer may place an order in the shop after reading and approving terms and conditions
  2. Customer is obliged to:
  • not placing and transmitting forbidden texts by law for example all contents popularizing violence , bringing down reputation braking human rights of third party
  • using internet shop in a way which will not disturb its function especially by using certain programmes and equipment
  • not sending or placing on the shop web side not ordered information (spam)
  • using internet shop in a way in which is burdensome (offensive)for other customers
  • using all contents placed on the shop web side only for their own purposes


4.Procedure of concluding a sale agreement


  1. In order to place an order by using internet shop customer should enter Blue Pot internet shop web side and choose an item(product)by undertaking technical actions following all instructions and information provided on the web side.
  2. Customer is choosing items by adding them to a shopping cart.
  3. During placing an order until to the moment of processing the option to confirm the order the customer has a right to modify the items added and the details. In this situation the customer should follow all communications and information provided on the web side.
  4. After giving by customer all necessary details the summary of order will be displayed. The summary of order will  include description of items (products)or services prices and all additional costs



  1. Delivery of products is restricted to Ireland and all products are sent to the addresses stated by customer when placing an order.
  2. Delivery of orders products is done by An Post. There is a possibility to collect an order in our shop Blue Pot 198 JKL Street Edenderry Co. Offaly.  Items can be collected from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. till 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. within 7 days from the order confirmation unless products are by special order in such cases the delivery time of the order extends to 21 days. When collecting  an order you can pay by cash.
  3. Delivery time is from 2-7 working days counted  from customers order and full payment.
  4. Blue Pot reserves the right to process  the order not in full informing customers by e mail about missing items in the order. In this situation the customer has a right to cancel the order.


6.Prices and payment methods


  1. Prices are located under the photographs
  2. Method of payment Pay Pal